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In the past, buying or selling a home was considered to be an extremely happy and relatively stress-free experience. Young married couples eagerly anticipated the joys of home ownership. Loans were arranged through the local banker who knew the family personally and walked them through the lending process. Older people selling their homes looked forward to cashing in their equity to enjoy their retirement or “golden” years. Government officials played no major part in the process and paperwork was kept to a minimum.

These days we have access to all the marvels of the twenty first century such as computers, overnight delivery, email, faxes, voicemail, and electronic fund wires. You would think that the process would have gotten much quicker and easier in light of these time saving wonders. Instead most people involved with the buying and selling of real estate today will tell you that the process has become much more difficult and stressful in recent years. This seemingly paradoxical shift can be explained, in part, by the fact that all of our many electronic devices have reduced the level of direct, compassionate human contact. Government regulation has greatly exacerbated this problem by mandating the processing of numerous pre-printed forms, mandating various inspections and certifications, and dictating that various “fees” and taxes be calculated, assessed, adjusted and paid (or withheld) at the time of closing.

Knowledge and experience in the field,  personal contact with all affected parties, constant communication, and genuine compassion are the tools needed to help make buying and selling property an enjoyable experience.

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