Veteran’s Benefits

One of my few regrets in life is that I did not take the opportunity to serve in the U.S. military during my younger years. My father was a paratrooper in the United States Marine Corps during World War 2. He trained at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station before the war, fought in the Battle of Guadalcanal, was wounded and suffered from malaria; only to join the United States Army in occupied Germany after the war, often patrolling the painted tree line separating our troops from those of the Soviet Union. To this day I have both of his military uniforms in my closet, and cannot express the pride I feel for his selfless devotion to country, comrades and family.

While our nation honors its veterans and has established numerous programs to assist them, it amazes me how little accurate information and assistance has been made available to help veterans actually receive what they so richly deserve. VA programs are not highly publicized, and (not surprising to anyone who has served in the military) require the processing of much paperwork. Even more troubling is that much misinformation has been disseminated by those seeking to profit by selling annuities and the like.

For these reasons, I have earned my accreditation to assist veterans who may qualify for Veterans Aid and Attendance, Housebound Services and the like. While these programs can be of extreme value, it is essential to understand a myriad of other programs, such as Medicaid, before transferring assets or engaging in related financial planning in order to qualify. Failure to develop a comprehensive plan could result in short-term benefits followed by devastating long-term problems.

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