Death of a Spouse

Few experiences in life are more traumatic and devastating than the death of a spouse. Unfortunately, however, the world does not stop even upon the loss of a life time companion. Instead it demands action and presents challenges that must be addressed even during the grieving process.

  • Does your spouse’s Will need to be probated?
  • What are the Social Security ramifications?
  • Are your own Will, Power of Attorney and Living Will up to date?
  • Who will take care of your finances, medical needs, taxes, etc. if you become disabled?
  • Are you entitled to veteran’s or surviving spouse’s benefits?
  • Will your children lose some or all of their inheritance unnecessarily without death tax or long term care planning?
  • How can you transfer title to your spouse’s vehicle or other solely owned property?
  • Are you responsible for your spouse’s debt?  Does it constitute a lien against your house?

Because of vital questions like these, the time for grieving must also be the time for action and planning ahead.

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