The New Jersey “Exit Tax” – It’s Not What You Think

New Jersey’s so-called “Exit Tax” is not a new, special, or additional tax, and many New Jersey residents who sell their homes in order to relocate out of state are not subject to the withholding requirements at all. A Withholding Tax for Non-Residents In essence, the purpose of the assessment is to ensure that non-residents
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Commercial Property Investment: A Good Market For The Wary Investor

As our economy continues to recover, interest in Commercial Property is on the rise as well. Currently, investment opportunities abound in Ocean and Monmouth counties based in part on the number of bank owned “distressed” properties and in part upon the physical and financial devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. This combination has led to low
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Buyer Beware: Home Inspection Analysis and Advice

Most real estate contracts require Sellers to obtain a municipal Certificate of Occupancy (CO). What many Buyers do not realize, however, is that  municipal inspections are typically limited to a review of obvious code violations, and many towns merely conduct Smoke Detector and Fire Extinguisher examinations. Therefore, the key protections afforded to Buyers in the
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Five Things Realtors Should Know When Selling an Estate House

1: The Will Alone Is Not Enough! You might think that an original Will naming your client as the Executor of his or her parent’s estate would be the best evidence that you could possibly have to show that he or she has the authority to sign your Listing Agreement and to sell the family
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Don’t Put Off Retirement: Downsize Up!

In our heart of hearts we have always known that the old adage is true:  the best things really do come in small packages.  But this is America, where we have soaring hopes and dreams.  For quite awhile most of us bought into the notion that “bigger is better”, so we just had to have
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